Auction Info

Payment Info For Auctions

When attending our “REAL ESTATE AUCTION” either bring a “Certified Check” made payable to ​”Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate, Inc“. Be sure it has your Drivers License Number on it, to be acceptable. Make checks payable to AUCTIONEER KEITH J. PIERCE. If it turns out that you do not purchase the property, then you can simply go back to your bank and deposit the check into your own checking account.

Proven Auction Strategies & Advertising Campaigns all across the State of North Carolina

To learn about our proven auction strategies and trusted advertising campaign, turn to our company in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Ask one of our associates today about the auctions we’re currently booking for this coming Spring and Summer

   Establish the Auction Strategy

We meet with the seller to get the facts, develop our auction strategy, and negotiate a working agreement with respect to the sale.

   Implement the Auction Marketing Program

With an overall auction budget, we thoroughly research and develop a positive case for the auction property, and then carry out a promotional campaign to give the property maximum exposure to potential buyers.

Our professional advertising campaign includes target marketing, media advertising, on-site signage, and an experienced sales staff to promote the property. We’re ready to put all of it together for you!

   Maximize the Auction Day Sales Event

On the day of the event, pre-qualified bidders are registered and greeted by our courteous and friendly sales staff. A full disclosure with respect to the property is made through graphic displays, as well as by the auctioneer prior to the auction. Through the art and skill of the auctioneer, a maximum price for the property is reached amongst potential buyers. The successful bid is then processed by our experienced clerical staff, and the sale is shepherded through the close of escrow.

The 9 Auction Advantages

#Auction EventTraditional Sale
1.Focus is on your property aloneProperty of many being advertised and shown
2.Results in offers in as little as 30 daysMay remain on market for months or years
3.Extensive advertising featuring your propertyMinimal advertising: Heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service
4.Buyer’s act on your scheduleLittle time motivation for buyers – you wait for them
5.Auction provides catalyst to promote buyer interestPrice reduction encouraged to create buyer interest in activity
6.No limit on upside potentialUpside potential limited by asking price
7.Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price of the propertySeller risks overpricing and receives little interest -OR- risks underpricing and accepting too little
8.All conditions of the sale set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations.Seller must negotiate all aspects of the sale
9.Property sold without contingenciesContingencies are common



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